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Dress-Up Playtime Fabric Crown - Gold Seed

Dress-Up Playtime Fabric Crown - Gold Seed

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This modern fabric crown will become a favorite the second it's received. Either for a celebration, as a birthday crown or just simply to be the king or queen of the forest, this crown will perfectly fit its role :)

This modern crown is handmade using 100% cotton fabric and has a stiffener insert to keep the crown straight. No cardboard or non-washable items to worry about. If it gets dirty, off it goes to the washing!

The length of the crown is 17.5" approximately, making this the minimum size. Each tie measures around 9" making the total size (crown + ties) 27.5 ". Perfect for adults too.

The fabrics used are a light brown (earth color to be more exact) with little white oval shapes, with a solid black backing.

The ties are strongly attached to the fabric crown with reinforced stitching. The crown materials are breathable and light.

Please, remember that although this crown can be used as a toy, it has ties and child supervision is necessary.

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Washing Instructions:

Spot clean, or hand wash in warm water. Air/line dry or gentle tumble dry.

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