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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Care instructions
Although our printing process is one of the best washing-resistant ones, we recommend cold wash, tumble dry or dry flat for better results.

  • What is the fabric printing process?
We use a reactive dye process that enables us to not only print a multitude of fabrics, but also use a wide gamut of colours. The fixation process ensures our print is permanent. All the printed fabrics go through a 3 step wash process. Reactive dye is the next generation of digital textile printing.

  • What type of ink/dyes do you use and are they harmful?
Low-impact dyes are used in the digital print process. They are water soluble and once fixated, they are not harmful. They contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances, and do not need mordants.

  • Is the printing permanent?
The dyes and method used are the most permanent process of textile printing. Once printed our fabrics resist excessive running and fading, and remain colour stable. Colours will always leech from any fabric, however it is very limited with this dye process.

  • Is the printing process green?
Digital printing is very much a green approach in regards to textile printing. There is little if any wasted fabric and the rip technology drops the exact amount of ink so waste is limited.

  • What kind of cardstock do you use?
We use cover-weight 110 black charcoal cardstock. The cardstock is 30% recycled PCW and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified to come from well managed and sustainable forests.

  • Do I have to pay shipping for each item if I buy more than one?
When you buy more than one item, we tend to ship them together (except if specifically told not to do so). If there are any overages over 1 CAD we will refund you the difference.